HyRel Technologies, a global provider of quick turn semiconductor modification solutions, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with EQC Southeast as its manufacturers’ representative. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in delivering cutting-edge technology and exceptional service to HyRel’s valued customers.

EQC Southeast, known for its commitment to matching customer needs with industry-leading solutions, brings a wealth of experience in providing superior engineering, world-class logistics, and a forward-looking vision for product development and growth. The partnership aligns with HyRel’s dedication to delivering unparalleled solutions to its clientele.

“At EQC Southeast, we believe in the importance of attention to detail and the crucial role it plays in engineering design. Our goal is to provide our customers with cutting-edge technology, strong engineering support, comprehensive product knowledge, logistical expertise, and unparalleled service,” says Melanie Pepper, Vice President of Operations at EQC Southeast.

HyRel Technologies has revolutionized manufacturing with its state-of-the-art “touchless” technique for tin dendrite removal, solder alloy replacement, and the restoration of solderability. This breakthrough process sets new standards for high component reliability, meeting the stringent demands of modern manufacturing.

The company’s expertise in robotic solutions and proven processes has enabled HyRel to achieve levels of precision and repeatable quality that are unmatched in the industry. The Robotic Hot Solder Component Tinning process, with proven applications in ROHS compliance, tin dendrite removal, component reuse, and solderability restoration, reflects HyRel’s unwavering commitment to excellence.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with EQC Southeast as our representative. Their dedication to customer satisfaction and their alignment with our values make them the perfect choice to represent HyRel Technologies,” says Brian Watson, President & CO-Founder at HyRel Technologies.

This collaboration signifies a powerful synergy between two industry leaders, combining EQC Southeast’s commitment to delivering top-notch technology solutions with HyRel’s groundbreaking advancements in manufacturing processes.

For more information about HyRel and its groundbreaking Robotic Hot Solder Component Tinning process, please visit www.HyRel.tech.