Inovaxe, a world leader and provider of innovative material handling and inventory control systems, proudly announces its role as a distributor for VisiConsult’s innovative X-ray Counter solutions in the United States.

VisiConsult’s X-ray Counter solutions, including the XRHCount and XRHCount Inline, represent cutting-edge technology designed to revolutionize inventory management and counting processes across various industries. These solutions offer unprecedented precision and efficiency, providing a game-changing advantage to companies seeking to streamline their operations.

As a distributor for VisiConsult’s X-ray Counter solutions, Inovaxe brings its extensive industry knowledge and expertise to support customers in the United States. Inovaxe’s commitment to providing top-tier solutions aligns perfectly with the innovative technology offered by VisiConsult.

“VisiConsult’s technology represents a significant leap forward in inventory management, delivering unmatched precision and efficiency. As a proud distributor for the U.S. market, we look forward to providing our customers with the most advanced solutions available, backed by our expert support and industry knowledge.”Juan Arango, Sr. VP Sales & Marketing, Americas.

“Inoxave’s inventory management solutions brings a perfect combination for customers that are looking for integrated material management concept. The importance of materials management is highlighted due to material cost being the most dominant cost component in the overall cost of production, an integrated approach is proposed to get the maximum value out of every dollar invested in materials.”Ronaldo Novaes, VCcount Sales Manager, Americas.

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