Seica is pleased to announce that visitors to SMT 2023 will be able see the latest, leading-edge, completely automated test solutions at their Booth A4-139. Automation is pervasive in today’s factories and in most production lines, and the solutions on display are all ready for deployment in completely automated lines.

The fully automated COMPACT SL NEXT> has been designed for maximize configurability and customization, to satisfy the full range of test requirements: from in-circuit, to functional, to combinational, as well as performing other tasks such as onboard programming (OBP). As part of Seica’s COMPACT line of test solutions, the COMPACT SL allows the user to choose the most suitable configuration for today’s need, while ensuring scalability for future requirements. The new ATE BOOSTER module, making its premiere showing at SMT 2023, is the latest addition to the vast suite of performances available for Seica’s COMPACT line. The ATE BOOSTER is designed to maximize LED test capability and OBP performances, while reducing costs by means of innovative optimization of the hardware resources required.

The PILOT VX is another fully automated solution, which includes a multitude of new hardware and software features, all aimed at addressing the fundamental concerns of electronic board manufacturers looking to optimize their investment. The Pilot VX is the new gold standard in terms of flying probe speed and performance: new, state-of-the-art mechanical performance and motion control enables a reduction of up to 50% in test time, 12 multi-function test heads provide the capability to contact up to 44 points simultaneously, technologically advanced measurement hardware and a new microwave-based measurement technique provide unrivaled test performance, optimized VIVA software management enables the parallelization of different types of tests, saving even more time, and smart analysis capabilities together with algorithms based on the principles of artificial intelligence can automatically optimize the test flow in run-time, while maintaining test coverage targets. Seica’s flying prober can test fully loaded double-side boards with components that also need to be programmed, LEDs to be tested electrically and optically, flex circuits, and very small and very large boards with very small and very large components. In addition, the Pilot VX can also generate pressure/force topology maps of the device under test using the innovative FlyStrain™ option. Once a necessity for traditional fixture-based solutions, Seica has migrated these new tools to the flying prober where testing of ceramics, wafers and avionics and satellite boards requires delicate probing and traceability. In short, the Pilot VX is a flexible, configurable test system with an unrivaled set of technologically advanced tools, able to provide the test solutions required by the huge diversity which characterize today’s electronics, and is now key in many high-volume production environments.

Visitors to Seica’s booth will also see the Firefly Next> Seica’s fully automated selective soldering solution. This technologically advanced solution with its perfect integration on a single axis of a high-efficiency LASER source, fully-programmable donut spot, vision system and temperature sensor, redefines the levels of performance of selective soldering technology in terms of flexibility, throughput, reliability, applicability and process traceability. The Firefly will be demonstrated in-line, using Seica Automation board handling modules and visitors will have the opportunity to see live demos of the soldering process directly at the booth.

All of the solutions on display include Seica’s VIVA NEXT software platform, which is able to provide intelligent integration with all aspects of the customer’s manufacturing processes – data collection, traceability, interaction with MES, repair operations – and all of the Next> series systems have Canavisia’s Industrial Monitoring solution on board, for remote monitoring of current and voltage consumption, mains supply, temperature, light indicators and other parameters useful to indicate correct operation, provide information for predictive maintenance and, in general, to render the systems compatible with today’s Industry 4.0 standards

At Seica unique and unusual is standard, our latest innovative test and process automation solutions will be on full display at Booth 4A-139!

About Seica S.p.A.

Founded in 1986, Seica S.p.A. is an innovative, high technology company that develops and manufactures leading-edge solutions for the test and selective soldering of electronic boards and modules. Moreover, Seica provides battery test solutions, automotive electronic board test solutions, infotainment test, as well as electric vehicle inverter and battery charging station test systems. Seica has fully embraced the concept of Industry 4.0, developing solutions to monitor and collect information from machines and industrial plants to enable the optimization of manufacturing processes, maintenance and energy management.

Company headquarters are located in Italy, with direct offices in Germany, France, China, the USA, Mexico and Israel.

About Canavisia

Canavisia is an Italian company based in Strambino (TO), part of the Seica SpA group, specialized in Energy Management, Industrial Monitoring (Industry 4.0) and Smart City solutions. Canavisia designs and manufactures products, applications, solutions and services for the acquisition and digitization of data from machines, factories, buildings and cities, allowing the connection, monitoring and control of resources with the goal of optimizing processes, maintenance and intelligent energy management. Canavisia is also the official Italian reseller of AEGIS, the world leader in Manufacturing Execution System software able to manage all the logistic and production processes in a lean and cost effective way. All the Canavisia Solutions are compliant with the requirements of the Industry 4.0 incentives program.