Due to ongoing restrictions associated with the pandemic, the most traditional Viscom AG event will this year be held in a purely digital format. In accordance with the motto “Viscom Technology Forum GOES DIGITAL,” the platform offers participants direct access, via a smartphone, tablet etc., to exciting workshops and specialist presentations as well as various opportunities for networking and discussion. The German language event will take place on June 16-17 and the English language event on June 29-30.

Among other things, the event program focuses on effective quality assurance for today’s increasingly wide range of different products. In addition to this, networking in the manufacturing environment as well as higher-level process control play important roles, and also need to be discussed. As an established manufacturer of high-quality inspection systems that are used worldwide, particularly in modern electronics manufacturing, Viscom also has insights into the latest high-tech developments from a number of different perspectives. Our products reflect these insights and we aim to share our experience with customers and interested parties. We’re looking forward to a stimulating exchange,” emphasizes Torsten Pelzer, General Sales Manager for Viscom AG.

The sessions in the online event address, for example, new fast image acquisition methods for the inline X-ray (3D AXI) and the automatic optical inspection (3D AOI). The quality and condition of a solder joint, for example, can be checked precisely using this methods, even in demanding line cycle times. The inspection of solder pastes, protective varnishes, bonds and lithium-ion batteries is also on the program. Topics such as artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning, or the modern, manufacturer-independent data exchange via IPC HERMES 9852 and IPC CFX round off the range of topics on offer. In addition to this, and as part of a round table discussion, experts will talk in general about the challenges, developments and fields of application for X-ray inspection. One focus is the advantages of fast and informative computed tomography.

A special highlight: Under the title “Don’t Predict the Future, Create It – Trend Scouting and Foresight for Business Practice,” Dr. Eric Maiser, Chief Futurist at VDMA, the German Mechanical Engineering Industry Association, peers into the crystal ball with a series of practical examples to show what the next 10-15 years will look like.

The Viscom Technology Forum has established itself as a very informative and highly valued event in the electronics industry, with a constant focus on the exchange of ideas and discussions. With the new format in 2021, this tradition will be continued with many exciting features on a modern, interactive event platform.

This year, Viscom’s central industry event will be held on June 16-17 in German and June 29-30 in English.