Test Research, Inc. (TRI) presents the release of the new 3D high-speed solder paste inspection (SPI) solution TR7007 SII Ultra, performing at an industry-leading speed of up to 180 cm2/sec.

The TR7007 SII Ultra is built on the highly popular and award-winning TR7007 SII Plus Series and an enhanced mechanical platform to guarantee stability, accuracy, and precision during the inspection. The TR7007 SII Ultra can accurately inspect low solder bridges and compensate board warpage for eliminating local PCB deformation. The SPI solution eases data exchange between the production line and the MES of your choice to enable data traceability for the connected factory.

Realize your production line’s potential with TRI’s PCBA Test and Inspection solutions and Industry 4.0 data-driven management system, YMS 4.0. TRI’s systems are designed to interoperate with other manufacturing equipment to minimize downtime, optimize production quality and reduce operator workload.

Please visit the following link below to learn more about the TR7007 SII Ultra Series: