EasySpheres is the exclusive worldwide provider of high quality, first run solder balls at reasonable quantities and excellent prices. The company is a leading provider and technical guide to many of the solder attach and bumping challenges that customers face today.

Eric Baker, CEO, stated: “Our business growth has been realized in the belief that great customer service, immediate delivery and broad choice options are meaningful to our customers. We enjoy more than a 98 percent on time customer delivery rate for small and large orders, which in turn allows us to appreciate a very loyal customer base.”

EasySpheres maintains a large inventory of solder sphere, alloys and sizes, and specializes in the fulfillment of small orders. The company guarantees quick delivery. This is accomplished in the precise way in which EasySpheres manages its inventory, shipping all orders within 24 hours, and making your ordering process as easy and efficient as possible.

EasySpheres offers leaded, lead-free, copper core and tape-and-reel spheres. The company serves the aerospace, consumer, EMS, medical, semiconductor, BGA rework manufacturing markets now for more than 16 years.

EasySpheres are available in many solder alloys, including eutectic tin/lead and high lead, typical for ceramic BGA packages, as well as many of the industry demanded lead-free solder alloys, including the new low silver alloy formulas. A range of sphere diameters for BGA and CSP ball attach applications are available from 0.002 to 0.035″.

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About EasySpheres LLC
EasySpheres is the exclusive worldwide provider of high-quality solder spheres. The company maintains a large inventory of sphere alloys and sizes, and guarantees quick delivery. The concept of EasySpheres is that many end user applications for solder spheres require smaller lot size quantities than most sphere manufacturers are willing to provide. EasySpheres combines this concept with guaranteed immediate delivery, an easy Internet ordering approach, and a broad range of stock on the most popular alloys and sizes. EasySpheres INC provides world-class suppliers to deliver customers with production quality, first run solder spheres at any quantities and excellent prices.