Aven is proud to announce that Hanwha Techwin Automation Americas has integrated its MicroVue Video Inspection Machine into its Center of Excellence. This cutting-edge technology allows prospective clients to review and inspect brand new PCBs up-close, providing enhanced insight into the quality and precision of Hanwha’s automation solutions.

Located in Cypress, CA, the Hanwha Center of Excellence serves as a showcase for the company’s fully functional equipment, offering live demonstrations. With the addition of the MicroVue Video Inspection Machine, clients can now closely examine fully populated and functional PCBs with unprecedented clarity and detail.

Brian O’Keeffe, Engineering Manager at Hanwha Techwin, commented, “Our customers are now getting a much better view of the final products coming out of the pick-and-place machines, thanks to the MicroVue. It has greatly enhanced our inspection capabilities and allowed us to showcase the exceptional quality of our automation solutions.”

The MicroVue boasts powerful features, including up to 110x magnification, allowing for close inspection of solder joints, Foreign Object Debris (FOD), and other critical inspection points. Equipped with a built-in screen and HDMI output, the MicroVue enables easy viewing on external monitors of any size or even overhead projectors for large audience demonstrations.

A standout feature of the MicroVue is its 360-degree viewer accessory, which provides users with a comprehensive “fly around” view of individual components without the need to manually rotate the PCB. This innovative accessory streamlines the inspection process and ensures thorough examination from every angle.

As a leading global provider of precision manufacturing and technology solutions, Hanwha Techwin Automation Americas is renowned for its innovative approach and cutting-edge technology. Hanwha Techwin’s revolutionary technologies redefine the landscape of PCB assembly, making it possible to produce more in less time and space, with reduced investment. More information is available at www.hanwha-pm.com.

To see the MicroVue in action, viewers can watch the demonstration video on Aven’s YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBMMxx05HJ8. More information about the MicroVue Video Inspection Machine can be found on the Aven website at www.aventools.com.