VERMES Microdispensing, the world’s leading manufacturer of high performance dispensing systems announced the release of the high-speed, slim-line MDS 3080 Series piezo dispensing system. 

The MDS 3080 solution provides a new versatile low to medium volume dispensing technology for demanding applications and can be used to dispense a wide variety of materials.

It is capable of finestly adjusting its force and closure function to the needs of the medium, making it ideal for even the most sensitive materials such as dispensing biomolecules, 3D living organ analogues, protein solutions, and DNA arrays.

The MDS 3080 dispenser enables precision micro-shot, contact-free jet dispensing. Its valve is characterized by a slim, lightweight frame, exceptional stability and perfect adjustability and can be integrated into almost all axis and robot systems.

“The new MDS 3080 dispensing solution is a great addition to our line-up,” commented Stefan Hirte, CEO of VERMES Microdispensing.

“Especially in rough industrial production lines the MDV 3080 proves to be a high-precision, ready-to-use jetting valve engineered to provide greater efficiency, productivity and flexibility,” Stefan Hirte added.

The MDV 3080 is easy to plug and play into an automated line and is equipped with a top adjust for fast configuration.

The interchangeable tappet of the dispensing valve provides manufacturers with multiple options from the entire range of VERMES Microdispensing’s tappets and nozzle inserts to accommodate different shot sizes and make cleaning easy.

The MDS 3080 Series is also a perfect solution for many applications in the electronics industry where precision, repeatability and reliability are essential.

Additional monitoring features built into the valve ensure continually consistent dispensing results, allowing it to process liquids and pastes with greater than 99 percent repeat accuracy.

Low maintenance costs, absolute process reliability and a high degree of planning security are decisive for system providers.

Thanks to the modular design, the actuator is completely separated from the resistant fluid system which in turn can be disassembled into its individual parts.

The unique Bayonet Fluid Box Body design keeps system downtimes to a minimum, for example when changing the media. It is possible to replace the fluid system as a whole with a single click.

It also allows complete and easy cleaning of all components that come in contact with the media and the relevant areas are easily accessible without the need for special tools.

About us

VERMES Microdispensing is a high-tech industry leader that ushered in a new era in the design and manufacture of microdispensing concepts and systems with the introduction of the world’s first contact-free piezo-based systems in 2001.

We serve the automotive, consumer electronics, semiconductor, communications, medical and pharmaceutical markets with premium quality dispensing solutions for adhesives, silicones, greases, solvents and other fluids in micro-, nano-, and sub-nano liter quantities.

In recent years, leveraging decades of innovation and design leadership in electronic technologies, we have transitioned our business portfolio from a dispensing-centric company to the VERMES Group.

Our main business units include VERMES Microdispensing, VERMES Medical Equipment, VERMES Special Machinery and VERMES Solid Oxide Cells Technology.

A world-class knowledge base, unparalleled R&D expertise and a global network of subsidiaries, enable the company to respond quickly and effectively to changing market conditions and customer needs.  

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