ROCKA Solutions is pleased to announce that Justin Worden, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, will present at the 2024 SMTA Officer Leadership Forum. The event is scheduled to take place March 8-10, 2024 at the Lansdowne Resort in Leesburg, VA.

Worden will present “Membership 201: Using Data to Create Growth,” which will provide attendees with valuable insights into leveraging data to drive membership growth and engagement within the SMTA community. The educational outcomes of the session include:

  • Accessing and analyzing membership data, including:
  • Distinguishing between User vs. Supplier members
  • Creating location plotting maps of members
  • Identifying SYP (Student and Young Professional) members
  • Creating chapter-specific Membership Plans using data-driven insights
  • Strategizing best practices for Membership Drives to attract new members
  • Strategizing best practices for Member Appreciation Events to foster member retention and engagement

“Membership growth and engagement are critical factors for the success of any organization, and leveraging data effectively is key to achieving these goals,” said Worden. “I am excited to share strategies and insights that will empower SMTA officers to maximize the value of their membership initiatives and drive growth within their chapters.”

The 2024 SMTA Officer Leadership Forum provides an invaluable opportunity for SMTA leaders to come together, share best practices, and collaborate on strategies for advancing the mission of the organization. Worden’s presentation promises to deliver actionable insights and practical strategies that attendees can implement to enhance membership growth and engagement within their chapters.

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