Bentec is pleased to announce that Estanflux, a trusted team of industry professionals with a strong commitment to client relationships since 1983, is the exclusive representative of Prey By Detech, covering the regions of Spain and Portugal. With a philosophy deeply rooted in people and trusting relationships, Estanflux is poised to bring Prey’s cutting-edge automated inspection technology to clients, elevating the standard of final inspection processes in the region.

Founded in 1983, Estanflux has built a solid foundation based on a philosophy that prioritizes people and the trusting relationships established with clients. The company’s dedication to earning trust project by project, day by day, and call by call reflects in the strong partnerships and satisfied clients they have nurtured over the years.

Prey’s Universal Product Inspector (UPI) represents a breakthrough in automated inspection technology, providing a universal and efficient solution for inspecting a comprehensive range of products. With Estanflux’s representation, clients in Spain and Portugal will have access to this innovative technology, ensuring repeatability and accuracy in their final inspection processes.

Key Features of Prey’s UPI:

  1. Dual Camera Capture System: Simultaneously captures both top and bottom sides of any object for instantaneous inspection.
  2. Prey Inspector Software: Intuitive software designed for ease of navigation, facilitating a user-friendly experience for operators and programmers.
  3. Universal Carrier Mounting and Design: Customizable base tray allows clients to create their own carriers, ensuring the UPI’s universal applicability.

“We are excited about our partnership with Prey By Detech and the opportunity to bring their Universal Product Inspector to our clients in Spain and Portugal,’’ commented Estanflux CEO Roger Mas. “Our commitment to trusting relationships aligns perfectly with Prey’s mission to transform automated inspection processes. Together, we aim to provide our clients with innovative solutions that enhance their manufacturing efficiency and product quality.”

To find out more about Estanflux, visit the company at For further information about Prey UPI, visit or contact the company at Detech Europe Limited, The Farm Office, Model Farm, Atwick Road, Bewholme, East Riding of Yorkshire, YO25 8DT, United Kingdom; +44 (0)1262 409944; E-mail: