IPC, the leading association for electronics manufacturing, announces the launch of its new course titled “Foreign Object Debris (FOD) for Electronics Manufacturing,” exclusively available for IPC members at no cost. Foreign Object Debris is a critical concern in electronics manufacturing that can compromise the functionality and reliability of manufactured products. The implications of FOD extend beyond the manufacturing floor, affecting product reliability, safety, and the manufacturer’s bottom line.

Implementing fundamental training across electronics manufacturing and assembly can mitigate these risks, ensuring quality production and reliable electronics products.

IPC members can enroll in this course immediately via IPC EDGE. As an exclusive offering to our members, this course represents IPC’s commitment to advancing the quality and reliability standards in the electronics manufacturing industry.

Foreign Object Debris (FOD) for Electronics Manufacturing Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Foreign Object Debris

Offers a deep dive into defining FOD and Foreign Object Damage (FOD), categorizing foreign object debris, and identifying its material composition and sources. The module also provides resources for FOD prevention and control.

Module 2: FOD Sensitive Areas

Focuses on classifying FOD areas, differentiating area signage, and understanding facility and environmental controls.

Module 3: Work Environment

Covers work environment controls, restricted personal items in FOD sensitive areas, and control measures for tools, hardware, and consumables in designated FOD areas.

Module 4: Procedures

Addresses documentation for FOD prevention, industry best practices, elements of a FOD control plan, and responsibilities of a FOD focal point. It also includes steps for FOD containment and removal.

Final Exam & Certificate

For more information or to enroll in the course, visit www.edu.ipc.org/membercourses.