Scienscope International is about to make history in Hall A3, Stand 103 at productronica 2023, taking place from Nov. 14-17 at the world renowned Messe München in Munich, Germany. This isn’t just any exhibition; it’s a mind-blowing journey into the cutting-edge world of inspection technology that will leave you in awe.

Scienscope offers cutting-edge placement automation solutions that have thrived in the European electronics industry for 25 years. They set new standards in technology and service to meet and exceed the needs of their esteemed clientele.

Productronica is not just an industry event; it’s a global phenomenon and an absolute must-attend. Held biennially in vibrant Munich, Germany, this show transcends conventional trade exhibitions. It’s the epicenter where pioneers, visionaries, and innovators converge to redefine electronics manufacturing. Productronica is where innovation, opportunity, and success intersect; missing it is not an option for anyone in electronics manufacturing!

Here is a sneak peek at Scienscope’s groundbreaking systems that are set to redefine the industry:

IMS-200: The Ultimate Component Reels Labeling Dynamo

Forget everything you knew about labeling systems. The IMS-200 is here to redefine the game. It scans component reel barcodes, feeds data into MES systems, generates fresh labels, prints them, and attaches them to the reels – all in an instant. With a 95% success rate reading various barcode types, it’s not just the future; it’s the NOW!

Scienscope AXC 800 III

AXC-800 III: Unleashing the Power of AI in Component Counting

Counting components just got a whole lot smarter. The AXC-800III combines AI algorithms and X-ray tech to achieve an incredible 99.9% accuracy rate. It syncs seamlessly with Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), providing real-time results and automatic label generation. The future of component counting is here, and it’s brilliant.

Smart Rack for Reels and Stencils: Material Management, Elevated

Scienscope’s Smart Storage Rack family takes material management to a whole new level. Designed for efficiency, accuracy, and customization, these racks offer features like automatic reel detection and multi-color LEDs for simultaneous multi-kitting. It’s material management, but not as you know it.

IMS-100: Automating and Simplifying the Incoming Process

The IMS-100 is all about automation and simplicity. With a high-resolution barcode camera, it reads and stores data for multiple reel sizes, eliminating human errors and maximizing efficiency. Human error? Not with the IMS-100 (T) around.

Scienscope Xspection-3000

Xspection 3000: The X-ray Revolution

Scienscope’s Xspection 3000 is the flagship of offline X-ray inspection systems, rewriting the book on quality assurance and process stability. With variants including a top-of-the-line 130kV closed-tube technology, it’s the ultimate choice for uncompromising quality control.

Scienscope isn’t merely a solution; it’s your gateway to warehouse automation, state-of-the-art machine vision, and revolutionary X-ray and optical inspection. It’s not just a time-saver; it’s a game-changer, trimming labor costs, averting production halts, and safeguarding your component supply.

Prepare to be captivated by the forefront of electronics production and innovation at productronica 2023. Join us at Scienscope Hall A3, Stand 103, and embark on a journey into the future of manufacturing.”

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About Scienscope

Scienscope was founded in 1994 by Mr. Eddy Lin to provide reliable and cost-effective inspection solutions for the electronics and PCB industries. Over the past 30 years, the company has continued to innovate and evolve, offering a complete array of inspection solutions, including offline and inline X-Ray systems, video inspection systems, and microscopes. In 2018, Scienscope introduced the first X-ray reel component counter, which provides a fully automated solution for managing electronic materials and streamlining operations. The company now offers many solutions to save time, money, and effort and can seamlessly integrate our equipment into MES, ERP, or Oracle systems. Scienscope invites global SMT manufacturers to join our family and revolutionize your operations to achieve your goals.