Surfx Technologies, LLC is proud to announce the launch of its new website, designed to spotlight and prioritize the company’s focus on high-volume manufacturing. The redesigned website reflects Surfx’s evolution and expansion, with a strong emphasis on showcasing its robust, high-volume manufacturing equipment, particularly in the Semiconductor and Advanced Packaging markets.

The decision to revamp the website emerged from a strategic shift in Surfx’s business landscape. While the previous website predominantly featured the Atomflo™ plasma technology, Surfx Technologies embarked on a transformative partnership with Mycronic A.B. in 2020. This strategic collaboration empowered Surfx to leverage Mycronic’s world-class automation capabilities while offering access to its leading plasma technology. The result was a fusion of expertise that enabled Surfx to introduce robust, high-volume manufacturing equipment to the Semiconductor manufacturing market.

Although the benefits of this partnership extend to various industries, including medical device, aerospace, electronics manufacturing (EMS), PCB assembly and more, Surfx Technologies is now laser-focused on the Semiconductor and Advanced Packaging markets. The redesigned website reflects this shift in focus by prominently featuring turn-key automation platforms equipped with the world’s most advanced atmospheric Argon plasma known as the Atomflo™.

The new website highlights Surfx’s ST series platforms, including STA, STL and STW, with automation taking center stage. This strategic emphasis positions Surfx as a provider of turnkey plasma platforms rather than merely offering plasma devices. The company’s commitment to addressing the modern challenges of mass production is evident through their full suite traceability options including SECS/GEM, MES, FIS and other custom integrations. The ST tools feature state of the art path correction using fiducial inspection and laser height sensing. The tools also boast streamlined path development through Cloudbreak™ software, SMEMA communication, and a fully enclosed work area with safety interlocking system. These solutions ensure that Surfx’s customers in need of plasma technology don’t have to contend with the complexities of a fully automated tool for mass production, differentiating Surfx from its competitors, which primarily focus on selling standalone plasma devices.

The new website is also optimized for mobile viewing, providing easy access to information on-the-go. Additionally, it introduces a dedicated Plasma Science page, aimed at educating visitors about the fundamental principles of plasma and its significance in plasma preparation processes.

“Surfx Technologies is thrilled to launch our new website, which reflects our evolution and commitment to high-volume manufacturing and automation,” said Robert Hicks, President & CEO at Surfx Technologies. “Our partnership with Mycronic A.B. has opened new horizons for us, and we are now fully equipped to serve the Semiconductor and advanced packaging markets with turnkey solutions that streamline production processes. We invite visitors to explore our website and discover how we are making a difference in the world of plasma technology and automation.”

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