SHENMAO America, Inc. is proud to introduce its latest innovation in response to the growing demand for ultra-thin packages in the electronics industry. With the increase in package thinness, the challenge of package warpage and its impact on production yield has become more pronounced.

SHENMAO addresses this challenge with its Low-Temperature Solder (LTS) materials, specially engineered to reduce reflow temperatures. By doing so, SHENMAO’s LTS materials mitigate PCB and substrate deformation, save energy, reduce the thermal stability requirements of substrates and components, and ultimately enhance yield rates.

One of the standout offerings in this line-up is the PF734-S low-temperature BGA solder sphere, meticulously designed for low-temperature ball attachment processes. PF734-S is perfectly complemented by SHENMAO’s low-temperature no-clean flux SMF-80 and water-soluble flux SMF-WC63, each tailored to meet the unique requirements of different customers.

PF734-S, built upon an improved low-temperature alloy PF734, outperforms conventional low-temperature alloys like 42% Sn and 58% Bi. Its mechanical properties have been significantly enhanced, ensuring exceptional product reliability even under rigorous testing conditions such as thermal cycling and thermal shock tests.

SHENMAO’s low-temperature flux solutions, SMF-80 and SMF-WC63, deliver excellent workability and are formulated with special activators that optimize wettability and solderability. As a result, manufacturers can achieve superior ball attachment yield rates.

The no-clean flux SMF-80 eliminates the need for post-reflow cleaning while maintaining high reliability and insulation with minimal flux residue. On the other hand, the water-soluble flux SMF-WC63 offers outstanding cleanability, and any flux residue left after reflow can be easily cleaned with water, ensuring exceptional surface cleanliness.

Both SMF-80 and SMF-WC63 are halogen-free and fully comply with RoHS, RoHS 2.0, REACH, and other relevant environmental standards.

SHENMAO’s commitment to innovation and sustainability is reflected in these advanced low-temperature ball attachment process solutions, which empower electronics manufacturers to meet the challenges of next-generation packaging technologies while enhancing their environmental stewardship.

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