Kurtz Ersa Inc., a leading supplier of electronics production equipment, is pleased to announce plans to exhibit at SMTA International. The event is scheduled to take place Oct. 9-12, 2023 at the Minneapolis Convention center in Minneapolis, MN, where Ersa’s team will demonstrate the recently launched MK2 soldering stations and the revolutionary i-CON TRACE soldering station.

Kurtz Ersa is set to showcase its newly launched MK2 soldering stations in Booth #1212. Among the featured products will be the i-CON NANO MK2 – a digital soldering station equipped with the ultra-light and ergonomic i-TOOL NANO MK2 soldering iron. This compact powerhouse boasts a small footprint (145 x 80 mm), optimizing workspace utilization without compromising on performance.

The i-CON NANO MK2 offers an array of impressive features, including three fixed temperatures or adjustable settings from 150 to 450 °C, settable energy levels, automatic standby and shutdown modes to conserve energy and extend tip life, and an antistatic design. With parameter settings accessible through PC software and microSD card, this soldering station combines efficiency and user-friendly customization.

The spotlight also will be on Kurtz Ersa’s ground-breaking i-CON TRACE soldering station – an industry game-changer in the realm of industrial soldering. The i-CON TRACE introduces complete process control to manual soldering straight out-of-the-box, marking a significant leap in soldering technology.

Designed for seamless integration into digitally connected environments, i-CON TRACE leverages existing I/O devices within the company network, such as PCs, tablets, and smartphones, for essential settings. With the option to interface with the customer’s MES through a suitable interface, this innovation provides simultaneous access to all soldering stations in the network, elevating convenience and operational efficiency.

Kurtz Ersa invites attendees of SMTA International to visit their booth and experience the future of soldering technology first-hand. Engage with their experts, explore live demonstrations, and discover how the MK2 soldering stations and i-CON TRACE can revolutionize your soldering processes.

To learn more, visit www.ersa.com.