Inovaxe, a world leader and provider of innovative material handling and inventory control systems, is pleased to announce plans to exhibit in Booth #1521at SMTA International 2023, scheduled to take place Oct. 9-12, 2023 at the Minneapolis Convention center in Minneapolis, MN. The spotlight will be on the innovative LS Series Racks and the new MODI V5 incoming goods scanner table, both designed to revolutionize manufacturing efficiency.

Elevating Manufacturing Efficiency with LS Series Racks

Inovaxe’s LS700 Series Smart Racks are specifically engineered to seamlessly integrate with pick-and-place machines and feeder tables, streamlining feeder loading and replenishment processes for enhanced efficiency.

The LS700 model stands out with its impressive capacity, featuring four rows of 7″ reel storage that can accommodate a maximum of 320 7″, 8 mm reels within a remarkably compact 2.5 sq ft of floor space. The LS700-1 model takes capacity to the next level by adding an extra half row of reel storage, allowing for 368 7″, 8 mm locations. This expansion doesn’t compromise access to essential controls on production equipment, ensuring ease of use and safety.

Both LS700 models come equipped with an integrated display running the standard InoAuto software. Designed with lineside usage in mind, they include optimized features for efficient operation. Additionally, an integrated 1D/2D barcode scanner enhances usability and traceability. These racks can be utilized independently or integrated into a complete InoAuto system, offering seamless interaction with pick-and-place machines and MES systems to automate production operations.

Revolutionizing Reel Measurement with MODI V5

As the North American distributor for MODI, Inovaxe will introduce the new MODI V5 at the show. The MODI V5 incoming goods scanner table marks a significant leap in reel measurement technology. Leveraging the power of AI, this innovation enables real-time determination of reel diameters during the scanning process, optimizing storage capacity. It prevents the storage of reels that can’t be processed by your placer, directly at the point of stock entry.

Experience the Future of Smart Storage

Inovaxe invites attendees to visit their booth at SMTA International and explore the LS Series Racks and MODI V5 technology firsthand. Experts will be available to provide insights, answer inquiries, and demonstrate the transformative capabilities of these innovations.

To learn more about Inovaxe and their advanced material handling solutions, visit their website at