In a strategic move to further solidify its commitment to Globalization and Localization operations, I.C.T, a leading provider in the electronics manufacturing industry, is proud to announce its latest addition to the global supply chain family. Following two years of exhaustive research and evaluation, I.C.T is set to integrate another formidable player into its ecosystem. The year 2023 sees I.C.T making a significant investment in RMI, a renewned name in the X-ray technology arena.

RMI: Trailblazing X-ray Technology in China

Founded in 2012, RMI has been a relentless pioneer in the field of X-ray technology for the Surface Mount Technology (SMT) industry in China. The journey began in 2005, with the team specializing in X-ray applications for various domains, including IGBT, IC chips, PCBA, lithium batteries, aluminum castings, and more. With a commitment to innovation and precision, RMI has gained a reputation for delivering cutting-edge solutions to the ever-evolving electronics landscape.

I.C.T’s strategic investment injects new vigor into RMI, combining RMI’s technical prowess with I.C.T’s global market presence. This formidable partnership will deliver more reliable and advanced X-ray inspection products to customers.

The Collaborative Vision of I.C.T and RMI:

Through strategic investment, I.C.T empowers the RMI team, forging “I.C.T-RMI” as a core sub-brand of I.C.T. This newly created sub-brand will not only continue to deliver exceptional X-ray inspection products to existing customers but also boost I.C.T’s global market share, unlocking broader market potential.

We firmly believe that through collaboration, we will better meet customer needs, continuously enhance product quality and performance, and shorten delivery lead times. I.C.T is eager to share our long-term, reliable product lines with more partners, consistently creating greater value for customers.

The strategic collaboration between I.C.T and RMI represents the shared commitment of two leading enterprises: to provide exceptional X-ray inspection products to customers and drive industry development and advancement. We look forward to this powerful partnership, confident that it will bring more innovation and opportunities to customers, the industry, and the global market.

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