Anda Technologies, a leading provider of fluid application and custom automated manufacturing equipment, will exhibit in Booth #916 at the upcoming SMTA International exhibition. The event will be held at the Minneapolis Convention Center in Minnesota from Oct. 10-11, 2023.

Anda Technologies will utilize this prominent platform to showcase its cutting-edge SMT solutions designed to enhance productivity, precision, and flexibility in the electronics manufacturing industry. The company will also highlight its total selective coating and fluid dispensing line solutions along with the AP-3 Series inline surface plasma treatment machine, iJet-7 dispensing system, iCoat-5 conformal coating system and UV-2 curing oven.

The AP-3 Series by Anda, are advanced inline surface atmospheric pressure plasma treatment machines that are equipped with servo motors and a high-speed ball screw linear actuator system for accuracy. As standard, the AP-3P machine is equipped with a single plasma nozzle situated above the substrate to treat, clean away containments, and activate surfaces by increasing the surface’s energy. Surface energy is a key factor for how well a coating or adhesive will bond to a surface. Also available as an optional model, the AP-3DP utilizes dual plasma nozzles top and bottom (single nozzle above and single nozzle below substrate) two nozzles working simultaneously while performing their own independent plasma treatment motion path or program.

Anda’s iJet7H and iJet-7L fluid dispensing systems offer both precision and flexibility with a combination of electronic dispensing head and control software. The Anda user interface software ensures fast dispensing speeds and short cycle times. The machine is capable of dispensing adhesives and sealants.

The iCoat-5 Series Multi-Valve High Precision Selective Conformal Coating Machine is a highly flexible automated system that is suitable for panelized or palletized PCBAs, high mix requirements, process flexibility and large area coating. Suitable for dual or triple valve setup and a variety of different valve configurations, the iCoat-5 adapts to the production needs of diverse PCBAs.

The Anda UV curing oven series is the most powerful compact inline high intensity Ultraviolet (UV) curing oven system in the industry. It can exceed the maximum UV intensity requirements for curing virtually any UV curable product on the market today. In a class of its own, the system cost is also more affordable than rivaling products offered by competitors.

To learn more, meet with Anda’s team at SMTA International in Booth #916 or visit