Seika Machinery, Inc., a leading provider of advanced machinery, materials and engineering services, is excited to announce an upcoming SMTA Technical Webinar titled “Effectiveness of Strain Gage Methodology for Durable Board Design.” The webinar will be presented by Seika Machinery’s principal, James Hara, Principal at Kyowa Electronic Instruments Co., Ltd.

The webinar is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, Sept. 12th, 2023, from 1-2 p.m. Eastern Time. Mr. Hara, a renowned expert in the field of mechanical test and measurement, will delve into the crucial topic of ensuring the mechanical endurance and durability of printed circuit boards (PCBs) in challenging environments.

Printed circuit boards used in applications such as automobiles, commercial vehicles, and electronics are exposed to demanding conditions that require exceptional mechanical endurance. Even the slightest crack or failure in these boards can lead to the overall failure of electronic systems. To prevent such failures and achieve long-term stability, suppliers must assess and understand the mechanical strain and stress levels, identifying critical and high-risk points for potential breakage with stress concentration.

Hara will draw on his nearly 10 years of experience working with Kyowa Electronic Instruments Co., Ltd. and Kyowa Americas Inc. to explore the effectiveness of the strain gage methodology for designing durable and resilient PCBs. The webinar will feature specific case studies that highlight the benefits and real-world applications of this methodology.

Hara has established himself as a leading expert in mechanical test and measurement. Over the past decade, he has provided technical support to industrial engineers using Kyowa’s cutting-edge strain gages, signal transducers, and data acquisition technology in various applications. Based in the Michigan area, Hara currently serves as a sales engineer, offering his expertise to support test and measurement projects in both academic and industrial institutions across North America.

Seika Machinery invites professionals in the electronics manufacturing industry to join this insightful webinar and gain valuable insights into ensuring the durability and reliability of printed circuit boards. Registration for the webinar is now open, and participants can reserve their spots by visiting the SMTA website.

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