Koh Young, the industry leader in True3D™ measurement-based inspection solutions, is pleased to announce the second online seminar in our captivating year-long series. This exclusive online event promises to be a valuable and insightful experience, tailored to enrich your understanding about the inspection requirements as semiconductors and surface mount converges into heterogeneous packages. The session is scheduled for 14-15 June 2023 and will be presented in multiple languages to support a global audience. Mr. Wan Jung, Global Sales Specialist at Koh Young, will host the English webinars and Mr. Guan Qi will lead the Chinese session about the advanced inspection requirements as semiconductor and surface mount processes converge.

The increasing sophistication, performance, and complexity of the electronics in products like mobile phones and automobiles is creating highly challenging inspection conditions because semiconductor packages are emerging as commonplace in the surface mount process. For example, consider the inspection of SiP (System in Package) products like RF modules or die inspection on the next-generation of high-density PCBs called SLP (Substrate-like PCB). At the same time, SMT processes are converging on semiconductor processes like Wafer-Level SiP where the SMT process is performed directly on the wafer. In this webinar, we will expand on how the two industries – once distinctly different – are converging and shifting the traditional paradigm.

The webinar will include two (2) sessions in English across different time zones, as well as another session in Chinese. Following the presentation, Koh Young experts will be available in a live Q&A. You can submit specific questions during registration for our panel to address during the webinar.

To secure your virtual seat, please visit our website at kohyoung.com or register for a desired session through the links below. The webinar is free of charge, but registration is required, so be sure to reserve your spot early.


Day & Date Time Language Registration

14 June 2023

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15 June 2023

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This second webinar promises to be a remarkable learning experience you will not want to miss. Yet, if you cannot attend Koh Young Future Forum 2023, you can still learn more about Koh Young and its award-winning solutions by visiting our website at kohyoung.com. We look forward to welcoming you to this next installment of our inspiring webinar series as we continue our year-long journey of learning, growth, and discovery!

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Established in 2002, Koh Young revolutionized the inspection market by launching the industry’s first 3D Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) system using a patented dual-projection Moiré technology. Since then, it has become the global leader in 3D measurement-based SPI and Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) equipment for the electronics industry. Based on its True3D™ measurement-based inspection technology, Koh Young has developed innovative inspection solutions for challenges with machined parts, press-fit and through-hole pins, conformal coatings, dispensed materials, and semiconductor packages. Through its constant innovation, Koh Young has secured over 3,500 global customers, and commands the dominant global market share position in the SPI and AOI markets with well over 20,000 machine installations. By adopting a user-centric R&D focus, it continues to use its core competencies to develop innovative solutions for new and existing markets by listening to our customers and researching emerging trends and applications. From the headquarters in Korea, activities spread across the world through its global sales and support infrastructure spanning Europe, Asia, and the Americas. These regional offices ensure Koh Young stays close to the market, and more importantly, its growing user base. Learn why so many electronics manufacturers trust Koh Young for reliable inspection for a smart factory at our website kohyoung.com.