Silicon Mountain, a leading electronic manufacturing company, is proud to announce its membership in the Idaho Manufacturing Alliance (IMA). This partnership reflects Silicon Mountain’s commitment to promoting the growth of the tech community in Idaho and revitalizing electronic manufacturing in the United States.

As a member of the IMA, Silicon Mountain aligns itself with the core values of promoting local manufacturing, fostering economic growth, and supporting the “Made in the USA” movement. The IMA serves as a platform to connect manufacturers, suppliers and industry professionals, driving collaboration, sharing best practices, and advocating for policies that encourage domestic manufacturing.

Silicon Mountain is a pillar of the tech community in Idaho, with its advanced manufacturing capabilities and commitment to quality and innovation. By joining forces with the IMA, SMCS aims to leverage its expertise and resources to further strengthen the tech ecosystem in the state. The collaboration will not only foster economic growth but also promote job creation and provide opportunities for local businesses to thrive.

“We are proud to be a part of the Idaho Manufacturing Alliance and contribute to the growth of the tech community in Idaho,” said Clint Roehr, Project Manager. “At Silicon Mountain, we believe in the power of ‘Made in the USA’ and are dedicated to bringing electronic manufacturing back to our shores. By partnering with the IMA, we can collectively work towards creating a robust and sustainable manufacturing industry in Idaho, while also promoting American-made products and supporting our local economy.”

The IMA provides a platform for manufacturers to collaborate, share knowledge, and address industry challenges. It offers valuable networking opportunities, educational resources, and advocacy efforts to promote a favorable business environment for manufacturers in Idaho. Through its partnership with the IMA, Silicon Mountain aims to contribute to the association’s initiatives and leverage its collective strength to champion the resurgence of electronic manufacturing in the United States.

Silicon Mountain provides a wide range of services, whether it is prototyping for startups or high-volume manufacturing. Regardless of the service, the company aims for high quality and quick turnaround.

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About Silicon Mountain
Silicon Mountain is a manufacturing partner capable of both low and high-volume production, which allows customers to quickly go from product development to market. The company’s business model is built with a clear understanding of the importance of time to market and supply chain availability.