PulseForge, Inc., a new spinoff of NovaCentrix, is pleased to announce that Stan Farnsworth, OE-A Chairperson and Chief Marketing Officer at PulseForge, will present during the Sensors Converge Conference in San Jose, CA. The presentation entitled, “Combining Materials, Processing and Know-How for Next Generation Wearables, Plus Roadmap,” will take place Monday, June 27, 2022 at 9 a.m. PDT.

The availability of sensors that can conveniently conform in shape to their imposed working environment has existed for quite some time with the earliest being for aerospace applications.  Most recently, there has been an exponential growth in the field of flexible, printed and organic large-area electronics and sensors driven by applications including physiological/activity monitoring in wearables for e-Health, sports/recreational and military personnel and the Internet of Things (IoT). These new electronics and sensors are fabricated on flexible plastic substrates or are printed/woven into fabrics, which offer advantages including low unit cost, mechanical robustness, shape conformity, light-weight and low-profile. The creation of these “non-classical” platforms is enabled by the high-throughput manufacturing processes of devices including for those over large areas using various technologies including the advanced soldering offered by PulseForge Inc., and new gold inkjet materials from NovaCentrix.

Farnsworth will present aspects of the printed electronics opportunities in healthcare, with highlights for healthcare and wearables from the 8th edition of the Printed Electronics Roadmap compiled and published by the OE-A.  Key enabling technologies also will be discussed, including updates on the adoption of 5G networks and the continued utilization of IoT, or Internet of Things. Each of these directly relates to the acceptance and utilization of advanced sensors. In addition, updates in manufacturing technologies and materials will be presented.

Farnsworth has been bringing deep-tech innovation to markets and applications for more than 20 years. He is the Chief Marketing Officer for the newly-created PulseForge Inc., recently spun out of NovaCentrix where he was also Chief Marketing Officer as well as a founding member. Prior, he was a founding member of Nanotechnologies Inc (1999), an early pioneer and recognized leader in the nanomaterial space.

Farnsworth has worked for more than a decade with the OE-A, the leading international association for printed and large-area flexible electronics, where he serves as elected Chairman. He is an active Mentor at Capital Factory, the leading start-up ecosystem in the Austin area, where he advises entrepreneurs on marketing and sales topics.

For the past 10 years Farnsworth also has been the chair of the STEM advisory board for a local Austin area high school. In this capacity, he has been working to increase diversity in STEM education and improve awareness of technology opportunities for all students. Farnsworth earned his BS in mechanical engineering from Rice University and MS in mechanical engineering from the University of Texas, Austin, specializing in heat transfer and fluid mechanics.

To learn more about PulseForge, visit pulseforge.com