Southwest Systems Technology, Inc., the leading manufacturing resource for the Southwest, is pleased to announce that it has hired Victor Migri as Outside Account Manager, covering the North Texas territory.

A skilled negotiator, efficient in working in competitive, high-pressure sales and customer service, Migri has experience as a Juki machine operator. He is customer service and neuro-marketing skilled, with inside and outside sales experience. Migri is proficient in developing leads and diligent in follow-up and relationship building.

Migri has experience identifying market trends and customer needs to create highly-targeted interactive and multi-media marketing campaigns. He is multi-lingual, fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish. Migri earned his Bachelor’s degree in Marketing & Logistics.

About Southwest Systems Technology, Inc.
Southwest Systems Technology, Inc., was founded in 1989. The company has offices in Dallas, Austin, El Paso, McAllen, and Guadalajara, Mexico. Southwest Systems’ philosophy is to technically present the myriad of products it represents in a thorough and professional manner; proficiently and with discerning sophistication. The company sells products in both the electronic and semiconductor manufacturing industries. It sells capital equipment and materials, and its sales engineers are trained in the latest industry processes and technologies.

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