Test Research, Inc., the leading test and inspection systems provider for the SMT industry, announces that the company’s 3D SPI system, TR7007QI Plus, received a 2021 Global Technology Award.

The TR7007QI Plus has the latest Moiré projectors, up to 5.5 μm optical resolution, and a 12 MP high-speed camera. The 3D SPI platform can inspect bumps, flux, glue, bare board, and overall surface. The TR7007QI Plus is powered by an improved motion controller (EtherCAT) and an enhanced lighting module. The innovative lighting module is capable of delivering higher contrast and uniformity and casts virtually no shadow.

TRI’s SPI Software has preloaded Smart Inspection Libraries to ensure fast changeovers, minimal idle time, and operator workload reduction. The new motion control allows on-the-fly processing, provides coordinated control and operates at high speed and efficiency.

The Smart SPI solution eases data exchange between the production line and the MES of your choice to enable data traceability for the connected factory.

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