BTU International, Inc., a leading supplier of advanced thermal processing equipment for the electronics manufacturing market, was awarded The Best Emerging Exhibit of the Year 2021 China South for its Valence 3508 Selective Wave Soldering system by Hentec. BTU is the exclusive distributor for Hentec products in Asia.

“The Valence selective soldering system is a very flexible tool that can also perform at high volumes,” said Ewing Hsieh, Director of Sales, Asia for BTU International.   “We are happy to offer this system to our customers in Asia and are pleased to be recognized with this award.”

The Valence 3508 was designed for high mix, high-volume, high-level PCB production. The continuous duty, multi-station, in-line selective soldering machine utilizes an electromagnetic pump.

The Valence 3508 can be programmed in minutes and is highly configurable and customizable. With a three-shift processing area and stainless-steel ball screws, the Valence 3508 selective soldering system increases production efficiency and reduces downtime associated with maintenance.

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