VJ Electronix, Inc., the leader in rework technologies and global provider of advanced X-ray inspection and component counting systems, is pleased to announce that BAE Systems Inc. has been using the XQuik II to solve an industry-wide problem with the industry-standard Waffle Pack design.

Many of today’s leading semiconductor manufacturers experience issues with thin compound semi die (<250μm) migrating out of the pockets of waffle pack trays during shipping.

Working with BAE Systems, Gel-Pak engineered a patent-pending Lid-Clip Super System (LCS2™) compatible with standard waffle pack trays. LCS2 was designed to ensure effective sealing of every pocket in order to establish a solution for costly component out of pocket defect condition during semiconductor IC transport/handling. BAE Systems’ engineers have been using a customized solution from VJ Electronix designed for x-ray waffle pack inspection on its XQuik II X-ray Component Counter to facilitate the development of the new LCS2 waffle pack in cooperation with Gel-Pak.

“This collaboration with VJ Electronix offers the potential to save semiconductor manufacturers millions of dollars,” said Rich Rochford, a senior principal engineer at BAE Systems. “This die migration issue results in costly returned merchandise, yield loss and rework labor.”

In 2019,  VJ Electronix’s XQuik II evolved from an automated tape & reel component counting machine to become the industry’s first fully automated component counter for components in up to ( 20)2.0” waffle packs. XQUIK II was used to test the LCS2 performance which was validated by rigorous 34” & 84” drop testing of 50μm GaN die loaded in industry standard waffle trays. VJ Electronix’s X-ray imaging confirmed the absence of Components Out Of Pocket (COOP) conditions when using the LCS2. In comparison, when performing same drop tests using industry standard waffle pack solution, COOP was readily observed.

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