Heraeus Electronics, a global leader in packaging materials for the Power Electronics industry, joins PowerAmerica Institute to advance the use of wide bandgap (WBG) semiconductors. The technological expertise of Heraeus Electronics and the industry connections of Power America Institute will accelerate the development of new materials and support the expansion of the Power Electronics industry.

The collaboration will result in bringing next generation silicon carbide and gallium nitride power electronics to markets faster, reducing cost and risk factors associated with new generation technologies. An organization that brings together the semiconductor manufacturers and the companies that use semiconductor power electronics in their products, PowerAmerica Institute is well placed as an information hub. With the backing of the U.S. Department of Energy and the engagement of top researchers, knowledge and processes can be provided to educate the American workforce and provide more innovative product designs.

Silicon carbide and gallium nitride semiconductors significantly improve the performance of power electronics systems beyond the limits of traditional silicon-based designs. “By working in collaboration with Heraeus Electronics, we can maximize device performance without the compromise of cost”, says Executive Director Victor Veliadis from PowerAmerica Institute. Heraeus Electronics offers matched materials as well as latest equipment to support customer developments by assembling prototypes and test modules according to the highest standards.

David Malanga, Director of Marketing and Sales for Heraeus Electronics in the Americas, adds: “With our deep understanding of the power electronics market and PowerAmerica Institute’s connections, we can assist in driving future developments, employee education, and market direction for a stronger industry tomorrow.

The electric vehicle (EV) industry is moving fast, demanding new technologies to be implemented quickly. It is why having a group as PowerAmerica Institute and its collaboration with industry experts provides the education needed through short courses, technical webinars, and matching talented students with employers.

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