Latest investment enhances NY-based contract manufacturer’s capabilities and quality for mixed-technology printed circuit board assembly.

Z-AXIS, Inc. ( has added an Ersa VersaFlow 3/45 selective soldering system at its electronics design and contract manufacturing center near Rochester, NY. The latest investment in manufacturing automation increases the company’s capacity and quality for mixed-technology printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies that are made in the USA.

The high-end selective soldering system, valued at more than $1 million, features three stages for board heating, fluxing, and mini-wave or multi-wave soldering. This allows for nine PCBs in process at one time for high throughput and high-volume applications. Offline programming and rapid change-over support Z-AXIS’ high-mix manufacturing business.

The addition of the new selective solder machine is just a recent example of how Z-AXIS continues to evolve its supply chain management approach in response to the ever-changing global business environments and its customers’ evolving product life cycles,” said David Colangelo, Sales Manager at Z-AXIS. “Some of our customers feed their products into supply chains in new markets that require us to be flexible enough to respond to wide fluctuations in demand, we also have customers that deliver their products in fully gestated, stable markets where low-cost delivery from us is one of their highest priorities.  Investing in automation is one of the ways that we maintain our responsiveness to the wide variety of customer needs we satisfy through the evolution of our supply chain.  Higher profit achievement and reduced risk are goals we understand and share with our customers.

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