Kodiak Assembly Solutions LLLP, a leading contract electronics manufacturer, shares its excitement that live music venues are open again in its hometown of Austin, Texas.

“All of our customers demand the highest quality in our work and the music industry is no exception,” commented Mike Harlow, Vice President of Kodiak. “A musician’s ear is like a precision instrument. I must say, having our electronics in guitars and amps on stages all over the world is quite rewarding. Having our factory in the heart of the ‘Live Music Capital of the World’ doesn’t hurt. Rock on Austin!”


Kodiak has a special relationship with music — including manufacturing PCBAs for Tx-Watt Amps in Austin and electronics for one of the largest guitar manufacturers in the United States.

Tx-Watt Amps prides itself on producing no-holds barred, boutique amps without sacrificing quality to cut costs. This basic idea goes hand-in-hand with Kodiak Assembly’s award-winning reputation for the highest quality manufacturing. After Tx-Watt Amps Owner Jack Kay toured the Kodiak Assembly facility and bonded over a love of guitars with Kodiak VP Mike Harlow, the companies decided to team up. Not only did Kay want to keep his amps made in the USA, but he also respected the atmosphere of community and teamwork at Kodiak.

Over the last 16 years, Kodiak Assembly has established a reputation for its high quality, first pass yields and on-time deliveries. The company offers PCB assembly, test and system integration capabilities out of its world-class facility in Austin.

Kodiak Assembly’s expertise and flexibility allow the company to facilitate the effective production of a great variety of products. The company is built around the idea of being able to quickly begin production of high-quality electronic products while also sticking to the most demanding schedule.

Kodiak has extensive experience in a number of key electronic markets, including Internet of Things (IoT), Network Servers, LED Lighting, Energy Management & Storage, Oil and Gas, Industrial controls, Radio Frequency (RF) Solutions, Security /Access Controls and Microprocessor Embedded Computer Assemblies.

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