BOFA International, a global leader in portable fume and particulate extraction technology, has launched its latest generation intelligent operating system – iQ2.

The platform, available on BOFA’s best-in-class AD Oracle laser industry system, features a host of functionality enhancements and innovations, including extended onboard data logs and real-time system condition visualisation.  iQ2 also supports a colour touchscreen user interface, smart alarm configuration and remote system upgrades.

BOFA’s portable technology plays a critical role in high volume laser coding and marking productivity as well as precision engraving processes, by removing potentially harmful airborne contaminants from work environments and keeping high performance equipment free from particulate.

Haydn Knight, Sales and Marketing Director at BOFA, said the innovations and enhancements available via the AD Oracle iQ2 strengthen the company’s global market position.

He commented: “Speed, efficiency and quality are key drivers in high volume manufacturing, particularly in the laser sector, so iQ2 has been designed to deliver in these areas through better data for analytics, smart alarm integration and easy access to real-time whole system monitoring.

“This new and enhanced functionality will provide users with better information on live extraction performance and enable smarter decisions to be taken covering filter exchanges and maintenance regimes. Taken together, these features will be invaluable in mitigating the risk of unplanned downtime.”

The AD Oracle iQ2 innovations include:

  • Visual overview of whole system status in real-time, through a display showing pressure flows and individual filter performance. This helps guide filter exchange schedules to maintain optimal uptime.
  • Up to 12 months’ onboard data for better analytics covering filter profile and diagnostics, helping inform production schedules and planned maintenance.
  • Remote USB configuration updates, enabling multi-site, common system deployment.
  • New colour touchscreen with multi-language capability and SmartNAV layout and icons for convenient condition monitoring and filter checks.
  • Configurable alarm handling, enabling alerts grouping and integration with existing factory manufacturing processes.
  • Future-proofed interfaces, ready for system expansion.

The AD Oracle iQ2 has three-stage filtration to ensure that clean air is maintained in the workplace throughout laser operations. This consists of a patented DeepPleat DUO pre-filter to remove larger particulate; a HEPA filter to remove 99.997% of particles at 0.3 micron in size; and advanced carbon filter technology for the safe capture and removal of hazardous fumes.