Absolute EMS, Inc., a leading provider of turnkey and consignment manufacturing services, has purchased an iCube XL 24″ Selective Solder System from Juki Automation Systems, Inc. Like the Juki brand, the iCube is known for its high quality, flexibility and reliability. The feature-rich, all-in-one selective soldering system is designed for high-end production.

With the new iCube inline system, Absolute EMS can process three PCBs simultaneously: one PCB in the fluxer, one PCB in the preheat station, and one PCB in the soldering station, ensuring faster cycle times.

Carlos Eijansantos, Director of Sales and Marketing, Juki Automation Systems, said “Juki is really looking forward to helping Absolute EMS push their process envelope. The iCube XL has the control and the capability to solder any of their boards, and gives them a very strong solution for their customers’ requirements.”

Preheating is a critical stage of the selective soldering process, especially with Pb-free alloys and thermally challenging PCBs. For this reason, the iCube comes standard with a full-size IR bottom-side preheater and optional dual topside IR or convection preheaters that will ensure proper flux activation and perfect topside fill even on the most challenging products.

Doug Dow, Absolute EMS COO, commented: “When you walk into Absolute EMS, the first thing you will notice is how clean and well controlled the facility is, and how every piece of equipment is new. We have strategically upgraded our facility to be one of the most sophisticated 4.0 manufacturing facilities in Silicon Valley. Adding the Juki iCube to our portfolio was an easy decision. Many of our customers have large format requirements, and the Juki iCube provides us with the precision, accuracy and flexibility that we need to support their challenging requirements.”

Absolute EMS, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, is a leader in offering manufacturing services in a state-of-the-art, high-technology EMS facility. Founded in 1996, the company originally serviced the medical industry, thus its focus on controlled manufacturing that is scalable and repeatable. Since its inception, Absolute EMS has broadened its verticals to include medical, military, industrial, networking and engineering.

A long-time commitment to sustainability contributes to Absolute EMS leading the way for efficient manufacturing operations among EMS organizations.

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