Unitemp, leading specialist environmental engineering company, has introduced a new tailored, comprehensive framework of preventative maintenance and support services solutions for environmental test cabinets. This new simple approach to services has been developed to help customers increase efficiency and profitability by ensuring equipment reliability, maximizing uptime through preventative maintenance and offering year-round telephone support and consultation.

The Unitemp service contracts cover Espec and Unitemp supplied equipment plus third-party supplied systems where required. On offer are three levels of service contract that can be tailored to suit individual requirements; Maintenance Only, Maintenance Plus and an ‘all in’ Comprehensive package which includes all replacement parts and labour for absolute clarity & certainty on costs. Each package comprises one or two preventative maintenance visits per year including one UKAS traceable calibration and a 15 point check list including basic functions and safety. Travel costs are fixed regardless of UK mainland location.

Unitemp Managing Director Ron Brown commented, “We understand the importance of peace of mind and with a Unitemp service contract, customers have that, knowing that our team of experts is just on the other end of the line. With regular servicing and system calibration covered we can keep problems at bay before they occur while our customers focus on core activities that are critical to success in today’s difficult business environment. As companies battle with all the challenges that Brexit and Covid-19 bring, proactive maintenance planning should help with saving costs by reducing unplanned interventions.”

To find out more about the Unitemp service contracts and other support services visit the Unitemp.com

About Unitemp
Unitemp Ltd is a specialist environmental engineering company that offers testing equipment for tough environmental conditions, whether they be temperature, humidity, vibration, highly accelerated stress screening, or highly accelerated life test. It is the UK distributor for the world-renowned range of ESPEC environmental test chambers and has a proven track record of integrating modern electronics and control technology with mechanical refurbishment to improve performance and investment.
Unitemp also specialises in the design, installation and commissioning of modular custom environmental rooms. The latest addition to the Unitemp portfolio is Labcold and their range of medical and laboratory refrigerators and freezers.