TAGARNO is pleased to announce that it received a 2023 GLOBAL Technology Award. The prestigious award was presented in the category of Best Product – Europe for the innovative TAGARNO ZIP with Foot Switch. The award ceremony took place during productronica in Munich on Nov. 14, 2023.

The TAGARNO ZIP is revolutionizing the world of digital microscopy, offering unparalleled convenience and efficiency for professionals in the inspection industry. Unlike traditional stereo microscopes that require manual adjustment of both eyepieces to find focus, the TAGARNO ZIP employs autofocus technology. This groundbreaking feature automatically focuses on the sample underneath the microscope, independent of the operator’s eye sight or eye level, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual adjustments.

With the TAGARNO ZIP, users can keep their hands on the sample itself, effortlessly turning it around while zooming in and out using either the control box or the included foot switch. This unique functionality allows for smoother and more efficient inspections, enhancing productivity and precision.

The TAGARNO ZIP is the ideal entry product for professionals new to the world of digital microscopy. Its compact and user-friendly design, combined with more than 50X magnification and USB 3.0 connectivity, make it a powerful tool for various magnification tasks that do not require advanced features or software.

“We are delighted to be recognized with the 2023 GLOBAL Technology Award for Best Product – Europe,” said Anders Ravnskjær Pedersen, Head of R&D at TAGARNO. “The TAGARNO ZIP with Foot Switch exemplifies our commitment to continuous innovation, providing our customers with cutting-edge solutions that streamline their inspection processes and improve overall efficiency. This recognition further motivates us to push the boundaries of digital microscopy and set new industry standards.”

The GLOBAL Technology Awards, a highly regarded award program since 2005, celebrate the finest innovations in the printed circuit assembly and packaging industries. The event brings together the global SMT and advanced packaging industry, acknowledging companies and individuals who drive the industry forward with exceptional standards and groundbreaking solutions.


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