Accu-Assembly Inc., a leading industrial automation company, is pleased to announce that it received the prestigious 2023 GLOBAL Technology Award in the category of Storage Systems. The award was announced during a prestigious ceremony held at productronica in Munich on Nov. 14, 2023. Accu-Assembly’s revolutionary AccuLiFT SMT Component Reel Vertical Modular Storage and Retrieval System was honored with this coveted award.

Accu-Assembly’s AccuLiFT system has redefined SMT component reel storage and retrieval, introducing new benchmarks for efficiency and adaptability. With a strong emphasis on rapid changeover and user-friendly operation, the AccuLiFT empowers manufacturers to seamlessly interchange small and large reels at any position on the pallet, enhancing operational flexibility to an unprecedented degree.

Automation is a key design feature of the AccuLiFT. Using a robotic workcell to automatically load/unload reels from reel stacking units, there is no longer a need for an operator to manually load reels or reel pallets into the storage unit. Throughput is maximized with fast cycle times and accuracy.

The AccuLiFT’s base unit alone offers an impressive capacity to store up to 3,900 7” reels. The potential for expansion is even more remarkable, with the option to integrate two additional vertical storage units, resulting in an astonishing storage capacity of up to 8,300 reels. The reels are securely housed on meticulously crafted pallets, designed with a robust steel frame and ESD plastic trays, ensuring both durability and comprehensive protection.

The AccuLiFT stands out by leveraging VLM (Vertical Lift Module) technology, a proven and reliable method for efficient parts storage and retrieval. Its modular design enables seamless vertical expansion, optimizing floor space as manufacturers require additional reel storage. The system’s Direct Drive Technology with auto correction eliminates the need for calibration, streamlining operations even further.

An exceptional feature of the AccuLiFT system is its automated dual-level robotic reel loading/unloading station, allowing simultaneous loading and unloading of reels. This innovation significantly reduces cycle times and enhances overall operational efficiency. The system also integrates automatic barcode scanning of all reels on the pallet and automatic reel thickness detection, elevating accuracy and reliability. Moreover, the AccuLiFT boasts standard multiple job sorting capabilities, enabling faster kitting processes.

Accu-Assembly Inc. is renowned in the industry for its commitment to quality assembly products, particularly for pick-and-place systems. At the core of the company’s excellence lies its proficiency in software development and interfacing with various databases. The AccuLiFT system exemplifies this expertise through its flexible software interface, facilitating seamless integration with SMT placement equipment and MES/ERP systems.

Michael Kou, Owner, Accu-Assembly Inc., expressed their enthusiasm about this accomplishment, stating, “The AccuLiFT system embodies our vision of empowering manufacturers with flexible and efficient solutions. We are honored to be recognized for our contribution to the manufacturing industry.”

The GLOBAL Technology Awards, established in 2005, have become an industry benchmark, celebrating exceptional standards and groundbreaking solutions within the global SMT and advanced packaging industry. The award recognizes companies and individuals who consistently drive the industry forward with their outstanding innovations.

The AccuLiFT is proudly manufactured in the USA.

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