EVS International, the leader in solder recovery, today announced plans to exhibit in Hall A4, Stand 240/3 at productronica 2023, scheduled to take place Nov. 14-17 at Neue Messe München in Munich, Germany. The company is set to showcase its EVS 18KLFHS and EVS 500LFCABF Solder Recovery Systems. These cutting-edge systems promise to redefine efficiency and innovation in solder recycling, propelling the industry into a new era of productivity and sustainability.

The EVS 18KLFHS Solder Recovery System features a totally sealed cabinet that ingeniously encompasses the dross bucket and fume extraction. This visionary design ensures both a secure and highly efficient solder recovery process. At the heart of the system is the revolutionary Tilting Pot Mechanism, which eliminates the need for traditional twin opposed air rams and doors, resulting in a substantial increase in system efficiency and productivity.

A standout feature that differentiates the EVS 18KLFHS is its ability to invert and rotate the dross/solder pot, combined with a ground-breaking hot air activated auto drain tap. This ingenious combination results in the creation of clean ingot bars, paving the way for the recovery of up to 80 percent of solder from the dross. This exceptional level of efficiency in the solder recycling process is made possible through EVS’s patented technology.

The system boasts an enlarged 18-kilo/40lbs pot, empowering users to recover more dross and achieve a faster return on investment (ROI). With simplified components and enhanced running times, the EVS 18KLFHS boasts an extraordinary availability rate of 90% and above, reinforcing its reputation for unmatched reliability in the industry.

Notably, the EVS 18KLFHS Solder Recovery System is now available in a lead-free version, offering a compelling price-performance ratio. This opens doors for businesses of all sizes, from small job shops to those employing both lead and lead-free units, to invest in this game-changing technology. With the promise of delivering pure solder and a swift ROI within months, the system propels production efficiency and sustainability to new heights.

Another highlight from EVS at productronica, the EVS500LFCAB with Automated Dross Chute & Fume Extraction marks another milestone in EVS International’s legacy of pioneering technology. The EVS 500 recovers an impressive 60-85% of solder from dross, a feat that drastically reduces solder consumption by over 50%, a remarkable achievement in the electronics production sector. Additionally, it slashes dedrossing time by a staggering 75% and significantly reduces offsite waste dross by up to 85%. This extraordinary technology sets a new standard for efficiency and sustainability in the electronics manufacturing landscape.

For more information about EVS International’s industry-leading systems, visit www.solderrecovery.com.