Weller Tools, a leader in hand soldering solutions, is excited to announce its participation in productronica 2023. The prestigious event is scheduled to take place Nov. 14-17, 2023 at the Messe München in Munich, Germany. Weller Tools will be located in Hall A4, Stand 241, and will introduce a theme that resonates with their commitment to collaboration: #PowerfulTogether.

The theme of Productronica 2023, #PowerfulTogether, is a testament to the collective strength of individuals and tools working in harmony. Weller Tools is proud to introduce this new slogan, signifying that when you partner with Weller, you become a part of a powerful alliance. Whether it’s Weller’s high-quality tools, dedicated sales team, or talented employees, the message is clear – we are all “Powerful Together.”

Product Highlights:

The spotlight of Weller Tools’ showcase will undoubtedly be the WXsmart soldering station, complemented by the introduction of the new Automatic Tip Cleaner.

Introducing the Weller Tools Automatic Tip Cleaner
Weller’s new WATC100 is a versatile solution designed to elevate soldering processes to new heights. This innovative tool offers a lightning-fast cleaning process, achieving spotless results in just one second with its automatic on/off function, enhancing productivity and efficiency. The WATC100 ensures a pristine workspace by eliminating debris and splashes that can potentially damage workpieces, providing total control over the soldering process. Its universal compatibility caters to soldering tips and tweezers, making it an ideal choice for demanding soldering environments.

WXsmart Soldering Station – A New Era in Soldering:

The groundbreaking WXsmart platform redefines hand soldering by offering a versatile and comprehensive solution that caters to all application needs. With the capability to connect up to 16 different tools, the WXsmart is a true game-changer. From Pico to Micro, Heavy Duty Soldering to Tweezers Soldering, it accommodates component sizes ranging from 0402 to 1612 and beyond. This all-in-one system eliminates the need for multiple stations, streamlining operations and boosting productivity.

Furthermore, the WXsmart can seamlessly incorporate the WXair Rework Module, extending its capabilities to cover soldering, desoldering, and rework applications. This integration reduces equipment requirements, optimizes space utilization, and enhances overall efficiency.

Focus on Active RT Soldering Tips:

Weller Tools also will showcase its new smart Active RT soldering tips. With a new generation of RT Smart Tips, Weller meets increasing demands with its Smart Tips that include an integrated chip in every soldering tip, which offer many new features to the user. The soldering tips provide optimized heat transfer with 40W maximum power, 12V performance for pico and micro components. Weller also offers high power smart soldering tips for heavy duty and large applications. Multilayers can be soldered safely. Lock functions make the soldering processes repeatable and transparent. Weller offers the world’s largest selection of smart soldering tips.

“At Weller Tools, we are thrilled to be part of productronica 2023, and we look forward to showcasing our latest innovations, especially the WXsmart soldering station, the new smart RT soldering tips as well as the new Automatic Tip Cleaner WATC,” said Philippe Buidin, President at Weller Tools. “Our commitment to excellence and collaboration is embodied in our #PowerfulTogether theme, and we invite all attendees to visit our booth to experience the future of soldering and rework technology.”

Join Weller Tools at Hall A4, Stand 241, and discover how we are #PowerfulTogether.

To learn more, visit www.weller-tools.com.