MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, a global leader of integrated solutions for high performance electronics materials, design, and manufacturing, will highlight its latest polymer and solder paste offerings designed to meet the increasing demands for high reliability performance and protection at the upcoming SMTA Silicon Valley Expo taking place on December 8 at the Juniper Dome in Sunnyvale, California.

Featured solutions include MacDermid Alpha’s expanding portfolio of Electrolube and HiTech polymer materials engineered to meet the requirements for high reliability and protection for increasingly complex circuit boards.  The Electrolube line of encapsulation resins, conformal coatings and thermal interface materials and the ALPHA HiTech line of underfills, adhesives and edgebonds are designed to deliver enhanced protection for assembled chip components for a broad range of applications including automotive, camera module and mobile.

Additionally MacDermid Alpha will promote ALPHA OM-565 HRL3, its latest low temperature solder paste which enhances electro-chemical performance over and above existing low melt point solders. This paste enables a reduction in peak reflow down to 175°C in order to mitigate common warpage induced defects such as Head-in-Pillow and Non-Wet-Open to improve assembly yields.

Discover more about these and all the MacDermid Alpha product and services that support all steps of device manufacturing within every segment of the electronics supply chain at SMTA Silicon Valley on December 8 and visit


About MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions:
Through the innovation of specialty chemicals and materials under our Alpha, Electrolube, Kester, Compugraphics, and MacDermid Enthone brands, MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions provides solutions that power electronics interconnection.  We serve all global regions and every step of device manufacturing within each segment of the electronics supply chain.  The experts in our Semiconductor Solutions, Circuitry Solutions, and Assembly Solutions divisions collaborate in design, implementation, and technical service to ensure success for our partner clients.  Our solutions enable our customers’ manufacture of extraordinary electronic devices at high productivity and reduced cycle time.