• Planet Computers launches sister business unit – Planet Embedded – retailing embedded systems, industrial and mini-PCs, communication links and core boards
  • The Planet Embedded store offers devices from Firefly, StationPC, and Preneu
  • Visit the website here: https://planetembedded.com/

Planet Computers today announces the launch of its new business unit – Planet Embedded – selling open computing system boards, embedded ARM based systems, industrial and mini-PCs, and IoT development kits.

Developers, programmers and gamers can now access products from StationPC, Preneu, and Firefly to create independent, controllable and customisable devices, such as ARM computers or 4G routers. Planet Embedded facilitates the purchase of key electronic components for those responsible for fixing and upgrading devices through quick and easy access to powerful mainboards and core boards.

A one-stop shop for embedded systems

StationPC creates Mini-PCs, such as the Station P2 and P1 Pro system, that offer low power, high performance devices that support audio and video entertainment as well as gaming. Preneu specialises in drones and builds long range video capable data link and mesh IP networking solutions, including the DroneIT Datalink. Firefly offers a broad range of ARM-based core boards, embedded systems, industrial computers and open source developer kits.

CEO of Planet Computers, Dr Janko Mrsic-Flogel comments: “We want to give developers, hobbyists, and system integrators easy access to powerful, high-quality electronic components that will enhance the performance of existing systems. Buying elements to build, create, repair and upgrade existing systems is now fast and simple with Planet Embedded.”

A thriving market

Dr Janko Mrsic-Flogel continues: “We have experience in bringing reliable mobile devices to market with the Gemini PDA, Cosmo Communicator and Astro Slide 5G. We now want to leverage this by expanding our ecosystem beyond our powerful pocket computers. By 2025, the embedded systems market is forecast to be worth more than $116 billion indicating a huge rise in demand for connected devices, home appliances, and IoT gateways, and we want to play a part in this.”

Planet Embedded is now live at: https://planetembedded.com/