PIT Equipment Services, LLC, a leader in the electronics sector, proudly announces its recognition as the Best Performing Representative of the Year for 2023 by Hanwha. The prestigious award was presented to Don Dennison, President of PIT – Equipment Services, during the IPC APEX Expo earlier this month, marking a significant accolade in the company’s distinguished history.

Under the stewardship of Don Dennison, PIT Equipment Services has demonstrated unparalleled dedication and excellence, significantly enhancing the visibility and sales of Hanwha’s product line throughout New York, New Jersey, and Eastern Pennsylvania. This award not only underscores PIT’s deep industry knowledge and client-focused approach but also highlights its crucial role in Hanwha’s continued success in the competitive electronics manufacturing market.

Mark Choi, Vice President of Sales US and Canada for Hanwha, expressed his admiration for Dennison’s contributions: “We are extremely pleased with Don’s exceptional work ethic and the substantial sales volume he has achieved. His commitment to excellence and his proactive approach have significantly contributed to strengthening our presence in the market. Don embodies the spirit of partnership and excellence that Hanwha values highly.”

PIT Equipment Services, celebrating 40 years of service this year, continues to lead with a commitment to innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction. This accolade from Hanwha serves as a testament to the company’s enduring legacy and Don Dennison’s impactful leadership.

For more information about PIT Equipment Services and their offerings, visit pit-equipmentservices.com.