Magnalytix, providing real-time reliability solutions for electronics manufacturing, announces that it will launch a new educational campaign on its media platforms with videos regarding how surface insulation resistance (SIR) testing works and why it is so valuable.

Beginning in October, the Magnalytix team will launch a series of educational videos presented by the co-inventor of Magnalytix, Dr. Mike Bixenman. These short, one-to-two-minute videos will focus on three main topics: what SIR tests for, why it tests certain materials and how the system operates.

Magnalytix offers the OE-250, the only SIR electrical test tool designed for the shop floor. The objective evidence system measures reliability in real-time, eliminating the time spent waiting for SIR test results to be sent back. The OE-250 works in conjunction with an environmental temperature-humidity chamber and is designed for detecting, reporting and analyzing data. The OE-250 provides information to assess electrical performance and features an eight-card slot fixture, each with four channels.

The videos will premiere on Magnalytix’s social media pages including LinkedIn and Twitter, and will reoccur once every month. They also will be located in the Technical Library found here.


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