Mek (Marantz Electronics), a leading innovator in AOI and SPI systems for electronics manufacturing, proudly introduces the new ISO-Spector S3 series 5D Solder Paste Inspection systems. These technology-rich SPI systems offer a comprehensive suite of advanced features, at a very low cost.

The ISO-Spector S3 series is a progression from the Mek S2 SPI system, utilizing multiple projector technology to calculate solder height information. With a 360-degree ring light, the machine accurately extracts the outline of solder paste on PCBs, ensuring precise inspections. This innovative method, combined with three-dimensional measurements, delivers reliable results crucial for faultless production.

Addressing the challenge of PCB warpage, the ISO-Spector S3 incorporates Z Axis Auto-Focus technology. This feature measures PCB warpage during inspection and automatically adjusts the camera height, ensuring precise imaging and consistent results.

Manufacturers benefit from real-time insights with the ISO-Spector’s live SPC data analysis capabilities. Offering live SPC data for printing trends and distribution histograms, the machine enables swift diagnosis of printing issues. The S3 SPI is fully compatible with the MEK Catch system and facilitates Closed Loop integration with stencil printers and pick and place machines, enhancing overall quality and efficiency.

Advanced detection capabilities are a hallmark of the ISO-Spector S3 series, with sophisticated foreign material and glue detection features. From detecting solder smear and PCB contamination to verifying correct application for wave soldered SMT applications, this machine guarantees adherence to the highest industry standards.

Customizable resolution options provide versatility in inspection capabilities, allowing manufacturers to tailor inspection parameters to meet specific requirements. With choices between Standard Resolution, High Resolution, and Super High Resolution modes, manufacturers can select the most suitable setting for their needs. Standard Resolution is ideal for inspecting larger pads, High Resolution is designed for smaller and finer-pitch pad inspection, and Super High Resolution is used for the smallest and finest-pitch pad inspection.

Intuitive operation is ensured with the user-friendly adjustable Touch Screen. The angle of the touch screen can be moved up to 10°upwards and 25° downwards allowing operators to find the most ergonomic position.

Inspection programs can typically be created from Gerber data in as little as 3 minutes. Part number registration using mount data is easily achieved with offline programming software.

Designed for maximum efficiency, the ISO-Spector S3 series SPI accommodates PCBs up to 510 x 510mm, with ample clearance on both the top and bottom sides.

The ISO-Spector S3 series includes low cost models, making this advanced technology accessible to a wide range of manufacturers. With more than 5200 systems installed over the past decade, the S3 technology is well-respected and proven in the industry, ensuring that Mek continues a legacy of reliability and excellence.

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