Novanta Corporation (“Novanta”), announces the launch of Precession Elephant III. The next generation of multi-axis scan head for micro-processing offers both existing and new customers an easy upgrade path to faster, more precise performance, meeting the ever-increasing market demands. The Precession Elephant III (PE III) features proprietary optics and digital electronics that enable faster drilling performance, wider laser source compatibility, smallest spot size of < 8 µm for unmatched processing detail, and integrated alignment cameras for faster system integration.

Key features include:

  • Industry-leading high-speed galvos delivering exceptional processing speeds
  • Unmatched micro-precision for intricate geometries
  • Unique laser drilling capabilities enabled by circular polarization
  • Multiple wavelength compatibility catering to wide range of materials
  • Maximum laser source integration flexibility
  • Complete sub-system solution with laser controller solution option
  • Smart and fast machine integration

Circular polarized beams are used to ensure a uniform absorption of energy into the material, completely independent from the angle of incidence and the XY-movement utilizing multi-axis scan heads. This leads to a clean process result while drilling specialized shaped holes with smooth entrance and exit edges. In addition to its high-performance micromachining capabilities, the PE III also offers robust engineering for reliability. Evaluated extensively in Novanta’s application labs with cutting-edge test equipment, PE III will deliver swift and efficient material processing to tackle even the most complex application needs.

“Micro-processing, especially the drilling of different geometries and tapers, demands an ultra-fine level of detail, coupled with repeatable and swift performance. The Precession Elephant III was meticulously engineered to address these specific challenges. The unwavering dedication to detail and performance by our engineering team is clearly reflected in the impressive results achieved with this multi-axis scan head,” says Daniel Schwab, Product Manager, Solutions.

For more information on the Precession Elephant III, visit its product page: