PEMTRON, an inspection equipment developer and supplier, is pleased to announce its participation in the Advanced Semiconductor Packaging and Chiplet Show (ASPS) in Korea, taking place Aug. 28-30, 2024. Visitors to the ASPS will find PEMTRON at booth E132, where the company will spotlight three of its groundbreaking inspection systems: MARS, APOLLON, and 8800WI. These state-of-the-art systems are setting new standards for quality control and yield improvement in semiconductor manufacturing.


MARS System 

The MARS system (pictured in header above) is a high-speed memory module AVI (Automated Visual Inspection) system, renowned for its precision and reliability even in challenging environments. Utilizing advanced image processing technology, MARS delivers accurate inspection results at remarkable speeds. Its robust design ensures consistent performance, making it an invaluable tool for memory module manufacturers looking to enhance quality control and production efficiency.



For package inspection, PEMTRON offers the APOLLON system, designed to accommodate a wide range of packages including BGA, LGA, QFN, QFP, CSP, and SOP. APOLLON excels in real-time defect identification and automated reporting, which significantly enhances manufacturing efficiency and minimizes downtime. This system ensures that defects are detected and addressed promptly, thus maintaining high standards of quality throughout the packaging process.


Pemtron Apollo

8800WI Wafer Inspection System

PEMTRON will also showcase the 8800WI wafer inspection system, which utilizes advanced 2D and 3D imaging technologies to inspect various types of bumps, including micro bumps. The 8800WI plays a crucial role in identifying and addressing quality issues early in the semiconductor manufacturing process. Its cutting-edge imaging capabilities allow for detailed inspection, ensuring that even the smallest defects are caught and rectified.


pemtron 8800i

PEMTRON invites all ASPS attendees to visit booth E132 to explore how its advanced inspection systems can transform your semiconductor manufacturing processes. Don’t miss the opportunity to see firsthand how MARS, APOLLON, and 8800WI are setting new standards in quality control and yield improvement.

Based on 3D precision measurement and vision source technology, PEMTRON develops equipment used in various fields such as SMT, Automotive Field, Lead Tab, Semiconductor, and supplies Soldering Inspection equipment (3D SPI), 3D Mounting Inspection equipment (3D AOI, MOI), Conformal Coating Inspection equipment (TROI-8800 CI), Bottom Head Inspection equipment (Eagle 8800TH), Top & Bottom Double Sided Simultaneous Inspection equipment (Eagle 8800TWIN), Automated X-Ray SMD Counter (MERCURY), Wafer Sawing Before/After 3D Inspection equipment (8800 WI/WIR), Wire Bonding 3D Inspection & MEMS Auto Inspection equipment(ZEUS), Package AVI equipment (APOLLON), Memory Module / SSD Auto Inspection equipment (MARS),  FC-BGA, FCP-CSP Inspection equipment (POSEIDON-S), Scale Sorter Of FC-BGA Products (8800 FI), Bump Metal Mask Inspection equipment (8800 MI), PCB Appearance Inspection equipment (8800 AI) and Lead Tab Process/Inspection equipment(Hawk 7300).