The Murray Percival Company, a leader in providing innovative solutions to the electronics manufacturing industry, is highlighting Board Shark, a versatile and comprehensive brand for PCB solutions that caters to the diverse needs of the electronics manufacturing industry.

From high-mix, low-volume productions to complex rigid-flex designs, Board Shark supports a vast array of PCB requirements with precision and cost-efficiency. This offering highlights Murray Percival’s approach to solving customer problems by providing tailored solutions that boost production capabilities and enhance the overall efficiency of their clients’ operations. Board Shark’s robust capabilities, supported by Murray Percival’s expert guidance, ensure that every PCB challenge is met with a reliable solution.

Board Shark stands as a beacon in the PCB industry, showcasing over 20 years of trusted relationships with global PCB fabricators. Their unique ability to understand the distinct capabilities of individual factories ensures customers receive superior quality, timely delivery, and competitive costs. Board Shark’s US-based technical team facilitates efficient design review and quoting processes, empowering customers with comprehensive solutions tailored to their specific needs.

With its commitment to versatility and excellence, Board Shark offers an extensive array of PCB solutions, including quick-turn options, USA-manufactured boards, and PCBs sourced from Taiwan and China, ensuring customers have access to the best-suited solutions for their unique needs. This partnership is set to elevate the standards of quick-turn PCB acquisition, offering clients a seamless experience in the dynamic landscape of electronics manufacturing.

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