TopLine Corporation announces the introduction of braided solder columns as a drop-in replacement for solder spheres used in Ball Grid Array (BGA) components.  “Traditional Ball Grid Array (BGA) spheres have a history of failing in large sized BGA packages due to thermal stress and CTE mismatch,” TopLine CEO Martin Hart states.

Ball vs Column

Recognizing this weakness, TopLine has developed a family of Braided Solder Columns especially suited for cryogenic environments and next generation applications, replacing solder balls on IC packages of varying sizes. These columns provide improved reliability and thermal properties over competing technologies. Solder balls and heritage copper wrapped solder columns are not equal to the task. Hart already holds multiple patents in the field of column grid arrays.

This new generation of non-collapsible, RoHS compliant Lead-Free Copper Braided Solder Columns are designed to absorb destructive strain caused by differences in the Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) of materials between large sized heterogeneous 2.5D packages and FR4 printed circuit boards (PCB). This novel solder column technology is intended to replace solder balls typically found on ball grid array (BGA) packages as literally a drop-in replacement.

These next generation non-collapsible lead-free copper braided solder columns absorb destructive strain (stress) caused by differences in CTE between the chip package and the PCB. Its cylindrical shape and mechanical compliancy enable solder columns to support large packages, analogous to the way palm trees flex on a windy day without breaking. “With the industry trending to design larger and larger heterogeneous 2.5D BGA packages to meet the massive processing needs of AI and data centers,” Hart says, “BGA packages have an increasing potential for solder balls to crack and delaminate, resulting in catastrophic failure of the system. These new columns can prevent that stress-induced damage.”

About TopLine

TopLine manufactures a wide range of solder columns for CCGA semiconductor packages, and provides Daisy Chain CCGA packages for engineering development, profiling and practice. TopLine products provide hands-on learning for engineers. To learn more, visit or call (1+) 800 – 776-9888.