Creation Technologies is an established leader in the electronics design and manufacturing industry, offering a full spectrum of product lifecycle solutions that cater to an international client base. With a robust workforce and a strategic network of more than ten manufacturing locations, they have cemented a reputation for excellence in serving key high-reliability markets such as Aerospace & Defense, Medical, and Tech Industrial sectors since 1991.

Challenges Faced by Creation Technologies:

Creation Technologies, characterized by high-mix and lower volume production, faces distinct challenges that many other electronics manufacturing solutions providers with multiple locations also face. Paramount among these is the precise tracking of material consumption for both procurement and production planning. The manual and time-intensive process of material picking in warehouses can significantly hamper efficiency, a critical aspect for a manufacturing operation that runs numerous different types of production orders regularly.

Cogiscan’s Connectivity & Material Control Solutions:

In response to these challenges, Creation Technologies chose Cogiscan’s Material Control solutions to better streamline operations while enhancing material data accuracy. A pivotal component of their solution is the Cogiscan Open Interface, which establishes a seamless connection with Creation Technologies’ Oracle ERP system. Made possible by Cogiscan’s Co-NECT integration with Creation Technologies’ Nordson X-ray counter – their Oracle ERP now automatically receives material consumption data on teared down materials in real-time, augmenting the accuracy of their inventory.

TTC Go Mobile App & Kitting Process Improvements:

Using Cogiscan’s TTC Go mobile application, the operators at Creation Technologies have also drastically improved the time required for the kitting process, as this application guides operators through the warehouse with the most efficient picking sequences. The app’s intuitive interface not only helps to save time but has also streamlined the entire kitting operation taking it from a manual, paper-filled operation to a modern, paperless, and fully integrated process.

Future Expansion & Expected Results:

The Cogiscan solution has already been installed at seven Creation Technologies sites. The initiative has not only yielded a paperless environment for the kitting process, but has also enforced Reel ID management and enhanced traceability of reels in warehouses (to support efficient material picking and kitting).

“The automatic exchange of data between the Nordson X-ray counter and Oracle ERP system has helped the kit reconciliation process by bridging the gap between actual physical inventory and digital records,” commented Kashif Farooqui, Global Process Engineering Leader – CCA Operations at Creation Technologies. “This has enabled Creation to improve inventory management to support production and eliminate surprise downtimes.”


The collaboration between Creation Technologies and Cogiscan is a testament to the transformative power of software innovation in electronics manufacturing. By harnessing Cogiscan’s robust machine connectivity and modular material control applications, Creation Technologies has not only streamlined operations but also laid the groundwork for a future where the fully connected and intelligent digital factory is a reality.

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