Kubler US Corp., a leader in providing smart inventory management technology, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with FHP Reps for the distribution of Arcadia products across Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri. This collaboration aims to leverage FHP Reps’ extensive network and expertise to enhance the regional availability and support for Arcadia’s innovative solutions.

Keith Favre, co-founder of FHP Reps, expressed his enthusiasm for the new partnership, stating, “Arcadia products represent the pinnacle of inventory management technology. Their efficiency and reliability perfectly align with our commitment to offering top-tier solutions to our customers.”

Boris Kübler, CEO of Kubler US Corp., also shared his excitement about the opportunities this expansion brings. “We are incredibly excited to work with FHP Reps. Their deep market penetration and seasoned expertise in the region are invaluable as we aim to meet the growing demand for advanced manufacturing solutions.”

Arcadia, known for its cutting-edge smart storage systems such as the ARCHIMEDE system, provides state-of-the-art inventory management solutions that are essential for modern manufacturing environments. This partnership is expected to enhance service delivery and customer support, ensuring that clients in the designated territories have optimal access to Arcadia’s products.

For more information about the Arcadia Archimedes Smart Storage System, visit PRODUCTS | Arcadia (arcadiasrl.it).

About Kubler US Corp.
Kubler US Corp. serves as the North American division of Kübler GmbH High Tech Solutions, offering a comprehensive range of electronic manufacturing products. While it is well-known for its expertise in smart storage and inventory management systems, Kubler US provides a broad spectrum of solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of modern manufacturing environments. Committed to innovation, efficiency, and exceptional customer service, Kubler US is dedicated to enhancing manufacturing practices through cutting-edge technology across various product categories.