Global smart surface technology leader, TactoTek®, today announced thhat the company has expanded its operations in Japan and formed TactoTek KK with offices in Tokyo, from which it will serve Japan and other Asia-Pacific markets. In conjunction with expanding its presence in Japan, TactoTek has been selected to receive a Tokyo Metropolitan Government subsidy for green technology transformation.

TactoTek licenses its in-mold structural electronics (IMSE®) technology to companies that design and manufacture IMSE parts for their customers. The company has strong business relationships in Japan, including several licensees, and investors such as Cornes and Marklines. Makoto Seki, Senior Managing Director of Cornes Technologies Ltd.: “TactoTek’s IMSE technology is transformational:  it enables design innovation for OEMs, offers meaningful advances in environmental performance, and supports creating advanced manufacturing jobs in Japan.” With its growing presence in Japan, TactoTek will support licensees and work directly with OEMs and brands to facilitate their adoption of IMSE technology in automotive and other industries.

Sami Hyyryläinen, TactoTek SVP Sales and Business Development, has relocated to Tokyo to expand TactoTek’s market presence: “With accelerating interest in our IMSE technology across market segments, we are investing in our long-term presence in Japan to support our licensees and help OEMs and brands realize the full range of benefits of IMSE technology, from design innovation and simplifying supply chains, to step-function improvements in sustainability.”

TactoTek’s IMSE smart surfaces combine cosmetics, mechanical structure, and electronic functions within a single injection molded part and can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 50% relative to conventional electro-mechanical assemblies. The environmental benefits of IMSE solutions underpin TactoTek receiving an award from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government for green transformation technology.

About TactoTek
TactoTek, Oy (Oulu, Finland), is the world leader in developing and licensing injection-molded structural electronics (IMSE®) technologies. Automotive, aviation, connected home, industrial control, and medical brands use TactoTek innovations to create next-generation user experiences that are compelling, differentiated, and more sustainable. Designers use TactoTek IP to integrate circuits and components directly into plastic parts, transforming conventional structures into smart interactive surfaces. TactoTek licenses its intellectual property, including over 250 patents and critical know-how developed over a decade of intensive R&D and quality testing, to global manufacturers who use reliable, standardized manufacturing processes to produce curved-shape and conformal electronics.