Global smart surface technology leader TactoTek® today announced that the company has engaged Mr. Hubert Bieder as a strategic advisor. Mr. Bieder, formerly the Manager of Smart Materials at Mercedes-Benz AG, will actively participate in guiding TactoTek research and development activities for high-value use cases and streamlining the path from proof-of-concept to serial production for in-mold structural electronics (IMSE®) solutions. Mr. Bieder brings years of experience in identifying, and qualifying new technologies like IMSE into Mercedes and enabling joint innovation with multiple parties.

In over 35 years in automotive research and development roles, Mr. Bieder has been a hands-on innovator who has a thorough understanding of how to overcome impediments to new technology adoption.  “Inertia, a bias toward legacy technologies, is prevalent. However, the many benefits of IMSE® solutions, including reducing packaging depth, eliminating sub-assemblies, and improving lighting efficiency by reducing production cost in parts that also have much lower greenhouse gas footprints, are too valuable to pass by.”

Mr. Bieder will work with TactoTek both in its Oulu, Finland, headquarters and in the company’s innovation hub in Munich, Germany.

“TactoTek has been fortunate to have our IMSE® technology pushed very hard by many OEMs,” noted Jussi Harvela, TactoTek’s CEO, “that focuses our innovation and makes IMSE® technology easier to adopt by our licensees and their customers, OEMs. We are very pleased to have Mr. Bieder now bringing his insights and drive as an advisor, a role in which his deep knowledge of IMSE® technology and how to best align it with high-value market needs will benefit all IMSE® solutions.”

About TactoTek
TactoTek, Oy (Oulu, Finland), is the world leader in developing and licensing injection-molded structural electronics (IMSE®) technologies. Automotive, aviation, connected home, industrial control, and medical brands use TactoTek innovations to create next-generation user experiences that are compelling, differentiated, and more sustainable. Designers use TactoTek IP to integrate circuits and components directly into plastic parts, transforming conventional structures into smart interactive surfaces. TactoTek licenses its intellectual property, including over 250 patents and critical know-how developed over a decade of intensive R&D and quality testing, to global manufacturers who use reliable, standardized manufacturing processes to produce curved-shape and conformal electronics. Learn more at