SMTXTRA, a renowned leader in Surface Mount Technology (SMT) equipment services, is proud to announce the appointment of E-Tronix, a Stromberg Company, as its Manufacturers’ Representative for key territories across the United States.

E-Tronix specializes in serving the electronics assembly, medical device manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturing, and research and development industries. With a territory encompassing Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa and Nebraska., E-Tronix brings extensive expertise and industry knowledge to its role as a representative for SMTXTRA.

As a trusted Manufacturers’ Representative company, E-Tronix is committed to providing exceptional service and support to customers in the specified territories. With a focus on electronics manufacturing and related industries, E-Tronix offers comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of its clientele.

“SMTXTRA is pleased to partner with E-Tronix as our representative for this important territory,” said Tony Longo, Director of Sales at SMTXtra USA. “Their extensive experience and dedication to customer service make them an ideal partner to promote and support our range of SMT parts, equipment and services.”

SMTXTRA offers a full range of SMT parts, equipment, and services designed to meet the diverse needs of electronics manufacturers. From feeder repair and testing services with a substantial 3-month warranty to calibration services for various SMT equipment brands, SMTXTRA ensures unmatched quality and reliability in every aspect of its offerings.